Kerama terrace is the only resort hotel

Restaurant 'Abisso' means 'deep sea'. Fresh locally grown produces (locally grown vegetables, fish, Agu pork) are used for a set course menu. Indulge in a treat with your five senses.

Dinner: Our healthy dinner course menu uses locally grown produce.

Restaurant “Abisso” serves a set course menus which uses locally grown produce.
Delicious cuisine comprised of local food from the ocean or the mountains will await you.
Savor healthy dishes, full of nature’s blessings.
Our Chef’s Specialty
The restaurant Abisso serves a creative menu featuring locally-grown ingredients.
Tokashiki Island is known as botanical wonderland where organic food is grown in abundance.
In Tokashiki, people have been eating kusuimun, botanically healthy food. They say in Okinawa that food is medicine, and this food heritage has been passed on till today.
Eating healthy Dine on delicious cuisine carefully prepared by our chef.

A sample dish from our course menu uses abundant, locally grown food.
Sample the inventive course menu our island-loving chef.
  • Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Quiche, Entree (meat or fish), Dessert, Coffee or Tea
  • Dinner is served for hotel guests only.

Dinner Special: 'Dinner for Two'

Special “Dinner for Two” can be prepared for an additional 5,000 yen.
Refined dishes complemented by regional produce will be served at the Special Dinner.
An unforgettable day for two will be complete.
Sample Special Menu
1er plat
Fresh Fish Carpaccio
2en plat
Four Seafood Ragout
3em plat
Acqua Pazza with local Giran fish
4em plat
Local Lobster Vapeur
Christmas Special Dessert

Sample Special Menu
An ultimate dish with rich ingredients of Tokashiki, created by refined cooking techniques
  • Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Quiche, Entree (meat or fish), Dessert, Coffee or Tea
  • Dinner is served for hotel guests only.
  • A Japanese dinner menu can be chosen for customers staying more than 3 nights.
    Click here for photos of our Japanese dinners.

Breakfast: Healthy breakfast made from locally grown natural food.

Breakfast Healthy breakfast made from locally grown natural food.
Our breakfast is made with carefully selected healthy foods.
Selected ingredients are perfect for both Japanese and Western style dishes.
You can choose from either Japanese or Western style.

Breakfast is served on the terrace.
  • Breakfast is served from 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM
  • Only available for hotel guests.
  • Brunch can be prepared. Please feel free to ask.

Lunch: A variety of lunch menus , where you can taste local vegetables and fish.

Canoe Omelette
The most popular omelette, with Mozuku and Asa seaweed, boiled pork, topped with fluffy eggs.
Island Pork and Kimuchi omelette, 850 yen
Island Pork and Kimuchi topped with fluffy eggs.
Tokashiki Curry, 1,000 yen
Curry with local vegetables and seasonal turmeric rice
Salad and beverage can be added for additional 500 yen.
Choose either coffee or tea, iced or hot.

Easy, mild taste makes the Canoe omelette a favorite of many.
  • Lunch is served from noon – 3:00 PM
  • Available for hotel visitors as well.

Bar: Enjoy a night at the first authentic bar in Kerama.

Once you step on the Kerama Terrace, you will feel free from your cares and worries.
Awamori and Orion Beer best suit the island. We, of course, have a selection of cocktails and wines.
Here, under blue lighting, guests enjoy a laid-back atmosphere, after a day at the beach or diving.

Have a great time in the tranquil ambience of the cocktail lounge.
  • Last order for food menu is 10:00 PM. Last order for drinks is 10:30 PM.
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