Kerama terrace is the only resort hotel


As we care about guests’ comfortable stay, we gather frequently asked questions about our facility, infrastructure, and nature of the island below.
If you have other questions on Kerama Terrace, please call or e-mail us.
The FAQs will be continually updated.


Can I bring along the children ?
15-year-olds and older can stay with you at the hotel.
Can a whole hotel be reserved by a group ?
Yes. A maximum of 16 guests can stay.
Please contact us for more information.
Which language can you accommodate for reservation e-mail ?
We reply only in English.


I have more questions. Whom should I contact ?
Please feel free to contact the hotel.
Phone: 098-987-3477
Available from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
If you have an urgent request for information other than the operating hours, please send an e-mail to


What bathroom amenities do you have ?
Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, Soap, towels, comb, tooth brush and tooth paste, cleaning set, shaver, hairdryer, etc.
Can I smoke in the room ?
No. All rooms are non-smoking.
Please smoke in designated smoking rooms.
One is at the Garden Terrace on the 1st floor and another one is in front of the Laundry Room on the 2nd floor.
Do you provide pajamas ?
No, we don’t provide pajamas.
Please bring your own or use a bathrobe provided for each guest.
Can I use internet in a guest room ?
Wireless internet access is available throughout the resort.
Every room has wired internet access as well.
Are bathrooms equipped with a toilet seat with a warm-water spray feature ?
Yes, all rooms are equipped with warm-water shower toilet seats.
Are DVD players available in each room ?
Yes, all rooms are equipped with DVD players.
Free DVD rental is also available.
Please contact our staff for DVD rentals.
Can 3 guests stay in one room ?
One extra bed (92cm X 195cm) can be prepared in the Standard Twin-Bedded Room.
What about my valuables ?
A free in-room safe is in each guest room.
You can leave valuables at the front desk as well.
What’s the difference between Standard Twin-Bedded Rooms and Twin-Bedded Rooms with Loft ?
Both room types are 28sq. meters, but the Loft Room includes loft floor space for the total area.
Standard Twin-Bedded Rooms have 2 three-quarter size beds and Loft Rooms have 2 single-size beds.
Do you have an adjustable voltage regulator ?
Yes, we have.
Please ask our front desk staff if you would like to use one.


How far are the beaches ?
Just a 2-minute-walk to Aharen Beach.
Just a 3-minute-walk to Hizuishi Beach (Swimming prohibited).
Can I use the shower before check-in and after check-out ?
Yes, please use the shower rooms on the 1st floor.
Towels are available.
Can I leave large luggage at the front desk ?
Yes. You can leave luggage at the front desk.
Can I shower just after swimming at the beach ?
A shower room is located behind the hotel.
Hotel guests can use it with swimsuit on.
What amenities does the beach shower room have ?
Towels, shampoo and body soap are free to use.
Do you rent towels ?
Yes, we do.
Towels are available in the shower room, and you also can rent towels at the front desk.
Do you rent swim rings ?
No, we don’t.
A store at the beach entrance sells swim rings.

Marine Activities

I would like to try scuba diving or snorkeling.
We will make you a reservation for trial scuba diving and snorkeling.
Sometimes, we must decline a reservation due to inclement weather conditions.
What time does the scuba diving start ?
Starting times go from 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM.
The schedule may change, depending on weather and condition of the sea.
We come back to the hotel after the each dive.
How long is the Fun Scuba Diving ?
The tour is about 2 hours, including travel time.
Diving time itself depends on the person.
We average 40 to 60 minutes.
What’s the difference between Fun Diving and Trial Diving ?
Fun Diving is for license C card-holders.
Trial Diving is for people without the C card and for first-timers.
Can I dive in winter if I wear a wetsuit ?
It depends on your sensitivity to temperature, but basically you can dive all year round with a wetsuit.
Why does the Trial Diving cost more than Fun Diving ?
Both Trial and Fun Diving fees include boat, guide, insurance.
In addition to these costs, Trial Diving includes gear rental and instruction fees.
How long is the snorkeling tour ?
The tour is about 1.5 hours, including instruction of snorkeling and travel time.

Restaurant & Bar

Opening hours of the restaurant.
Breakfast: 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM
Lunch: Noon – 3:00 PM (Last Order is 2:30 PM.)
Dinner: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Do you have a private room ?
Yes. We have an open private room, with a capacity for 8 guests.
Do you serve barbecue at dinner ?
Yes. We can prepare barbecue meals.
An additional 5,000 yen per guest will be charged.
(Offer is limited for one group per day.)
Can visitors dine at the restaurant ?
Visitors can dine only during lunch time (Noon – 3:00 PM).
Is smoking allowed in the restaurant ?
No. All tables are non-smoking. Smoking is allowed at garden terrace tables.
Can visitors have drinks at the bar ?
The bar opens only for hotel guests.
Can I bring wine or other alcohol to the restaurant ?
Yes. 3,500 yen will be charged per bottle.
Is there any place to have lunch around the hotel ?
Yes, there are some.
Please understand that their opening hours are irregular (Open around noon to 2:00 PM).
Please feel free to contact our staff for more information.
Is there an ATM at the hotel ?
A post office is about 12 minutes’ drive from the hotel (in Tokashiki district).
Their ATM is the only ATM machine on the island. The post office opens until 5:00 PM.


Do you accept credit cards ?
Yes, we do. Single lump sum payment only.
(Dual payment, bonus payment and revolving payment are not available.)
Can I send my luggage to the hotel before arrival ?
Yes, we accept luggage prior to your arrival.
Can you arrange my ferry reservation ?
Yes, we can arrange your ferry reservation.
Please inform us your preferred time for the ferry.
Is there a laundry room in the hotel ?
Yes, a free laundry room is on the second floor.
Do you drive us to the port after check-out the hotel ?
Yes. We drive guests to the port about 1 hour to 30 minutes before ferry departure time.
Is there a convenience store around the hotel ?
There is no convenience store in Tokashiki Island.
However, a small store is just a one-minute walk from the hotel.
Their opening hours are 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM.
Do you exchange foreign currency ?
No foreign exchange service is available at our hotel nor any other place on Tokashiki Island.


Are males allowed SPA treatment ?
Yes. Male guests can receive the full array our SPA treatment.
What if I am pregnant ?
In consideration of the pregnant guest’s safety, we must decline to provide SPA treatment.
Can I drink alcohol before a SPA treatment ?
Please refrain from drinking before a SPA treatment in order to avoid additional pressure to your body.

Car Rental

Do I need to make a reservation to rent a car ?
Not required.
However as the number of cars are limited, cars we rent are on a first-come-first-served basis.
If you would like to secure your car, it is better to reserve in advance.
How long does it take to drive around the whole island ?
Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
There is an observation deck and other places to see.
Including stops and driving, approximately three hours would be required.
How do I extend my car rental hours ?
Please call our office before the time expires.
Sometimes, we cannot meet your request, so please contact us as soon as possible.
Can I leave a car at the port ?
No, you cannot.
Hotel staff will take you to the port, so please return the car to the hotel.
Do I need an International Driving License ?
Yes, you need it.
Please bring the International Driving License with your passport.
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