Kerama terrace is the only resort hotel

Restaurant & Bar: Quiet time and impeccable service. Dine on creative cuisine with plenty of Okinawan produce.

The sea of Kerama Island, also called the Kerama Blue, is renowned throughout the world. We offer various marine activities.

Trial Diving: WaterKids will escort you to another world on the planet.

Even if you are not confident about swimming, you do not need to worry about it.
Experienced WaterKids instructors will support you.
Let’s dive in to the endless emerald blue ocean and swim along the ribbon of white sand, colorful corals and world of underwater animals.
Why not play with the colorful fish in the underwater oasis which makes you feel like you are in space?

Excellent transparency of the sea. A coral garden is lies before your eyes.
Name of the programTrial Scuba Diving in Kerama Island
Description This program is for those who do not have a C card (first time diver).
You can experience scuba diving; just bring your swimsuit.
Let’s try your first scuba diving.
CostsPer person: 15,000 yen –
Duration 2.5 hours
[Special Offer]
Kerama Blue for you, Trial Scuba Diving Plan

Fun Diving: Welcome to the Kerama sea, which fascinates scuba divers from around the world!

Scattered hideouts on white sand are like a small universe with life where small fishes are nesting.
Green turtles swim gracefully through coral forests, and they will merge into the clear blue of the sea and the sky.
It is the ultimate luxury for divers, to be in a dreamy cave where sunlight filters softly into each crevasse.
WaterKids’ experienced guides will take you to the amazing sea.

One of the most transparent parts of the sea in the world.
White sand spreads as far as the eye can see.
Name of the programFun Scuba Diving
Description The utmost healing station, “Kerama Blue World”
Costs 7,000 yen for 1 Boat dive, 12,000 yen for 2 Boat dives, 18,000 yen for 3 Boat dives Night Scuba Diving 10,000 yen, Rental gear 5,000 yen
Duration 2 hours
[Special Offer]
Fun Scuba Diving at Tokashiki Island of the Kerama Islands

Snorkeling: Easy to have fun of full-scale underwater world

Snorkeling will be the best choice if you want to enjoy marine activity easily.
It is two minutes’ walk from the hotel, and you just need to bring a mask, a snorkel and fins.
Watching the sea will take you to a magical world.
Colorful tropical fish and beautiful corals will welcome you.
You can choose either boat or shore snorkeling.
Snorkeling tours are provided for all levels, from beginners to advanced.

The surrounding Tokashiki Island is top-ranked for water clarity.
You’ll feel as if you are floating in the sky.
Name of the programExcellent Coral Reef Spots Snorkeling Tour
Description Snorkeling through coral reefs as beautiful as jewelry.
It is perfect for those who want to enjoy the sea easily.
We’ll take you to excellent snorkeling spots that beach swimmers cannot reach.
The tour is available for all ages, from kids to elderly.
CostsPer person: 5,000 yen –
Duration 1.15 hours
[Special Offer]
Explore the excellent lagoon! Snorkeling Tour Plan
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沖縄リゾートホテルは、世界最高峰のケラマブルーの海を満喫できる沖縄リゾートホテル「ケラマテラス」でご満喫♪ 沖縄リゾートのホテル「ケラマテラス」の宿泊のご予約