Kerama terrace is the only resort hotel

Map & Directions

Kerama Terrace is the place to enjoy scuba diving in Kerama Blue sea that divers all over the world are raring to visit.
Address: 103 Aharen, Tokashiki-son, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa
TEL: 098-987-3477
A 35-minute ferry ride from Tomari Port in Naha.

Directions to Tomari Port (Tomarin)
From Naha Airport
Airport limousine bus Hana (Flower)… For more information
Get off at “Tomarin-mae” bus station. (Fare 500 yen: Time Table)
By Taxi
Approximately 1,000 yen to Tomarin.
Both bus and taxi take about 20 minutes (Taxi is little faster.)
From Naha City
Get off at “Tomarin-mae” bus stop for inner city and circuit city bus (200 yen/person)
About Tomarin
Directions to Tokashiki Island
Take either of the ferries below.
Express Marine Liner (Time Table/Fare/Reservation) … For more information
Approximately 35 min. ride: Not operating in June for regular mechanical check-up.
Ferry Kerama (Time Table/Fare/Reservation)… For more information
Approximately 70 min. ride
About Tomarin
Directions to Kerama Terrace
Our courtesy car welcomes hotel guests at Kerama Port.
The courtesy car awaits guests at a parking space by the port.
The parking space is right in front of Express Marine Liner’s exit and to the right of Ferry Kerama.
About 15 minutes’ ride from the port to the hotel.
Click here for Tokashiki Island information.
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