Kerama terrace is the only resort hotel

Be soothed by the grandure of nature. Release both mind and body. Let all your senses unwind.
Tokashiki Island, a small island surrounded by the emerald blue ocean. The island is full of wonders you cannot experience in cities. We will serve and tend to our guests to help make many wonderful, unforgettable memories.

Concept: A hideaway resort hotel surrounded by tranquil lagoons on a remote island of Okinawa.

Humans and sea-life all belong to our planet Earth.
The origins of life lie in the ocean.

Kerama Terrace is a small hotel amid the emerald-blue ocean.
Our hotel interior decor features chic wood-tones with hues of ocean blue. Deep consolation lies here for you, as if quietly floating on a small boat.
A total of 8 guest rooms, a privacy-conscious hotel only for adults.

Luxury 1: The only resort hotel on Kerama Island surrounded by a world-class ocean.

Supreme luxury of an ocean oasis for all guests.
Kerama Terrace is the only resort hotel on Kerama Island, famous for a world-class ocean.
Escape from the everyday.

Luxury 2: Personalized service for scuba divers

We provide a diving suit for each patron, from beginners to advanced.
Why not dive into the emerald-blue waters that stretch seemingly endlessly?

Luxury 3: Kerama Island's only authentic resort restaurant and bar

Restaurant and Bar “Abisso” means “deep sea”.
Authentic full-course dinners are prepared with a variety of seafood and meats.
A real feast is ready to be served.
As evening descends, the deeply blue ocean sets the perfect mood for lovers.

Luxury 4: The concert of the stars begins that cannot be experienced in town.

Release your cares in comfort, as evening deepens into night.

Luxury 5: 'Breakfast at Terrace' Resort breakfast in open-air space.

You can have a breakfast at the terrace table, while feeling the fresh air.
Enjoy a sense of release.

Luxury 6: 'Healing' of 8 essential oils are provided to each guest room.

You can choose a favorite essential oil for your room.
Serenity will release your mind.

Luxury 7: Resort spa in a soothing island ambience

Pamper yourself in the resort spa, where you’ll feel the air of the island.

Greeting: We promise to provide personalized service to each guest.

I am Eiji Kuniyoshi, the General Manager of the hotel.
We hope to help our guests forget about life in the city and have memorable and pleasant experiences on Tokashiki Island, blessed with pure nature.
We will provide sevices to meet each guest’s expectations.

Access: Circumference information

This Okinawan resort is packed with healing power, with many tourist destinations for those seeking tranquility.
Only 35 minutes from mainland Okinawa (Naha), there is a healing space not found in cities.
Tokashiki Island is full of healing nooks and places that even local people haven’t found, not only in the ocean, but in the sky, mountains, and rivers.
Why not find your own relaxation time here at Kerama Island’s first resort hotel? For Map & Directions

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